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Past Incidents

16th September 2020

No incidents reported

15th September 2020

No incidents reported

14th September 2020

No incidents reported

13th September 2020

No incidents reported

12th September 2020

No incidents reported

11th September 2020

No incidents reported

10th September 2020

Production: BuyNow Hosted Pages / Web Services (API) BlueSnap Incident Notification - September 10, 2020 - Long Processing Duration - ONGOING

Update - as of 4:45 AM PST this issue is resolved - Transaction Processing Duration is now back to normal.

One of our Acquiring banks is experiencing slow response times. This is resulting in some transactions taking longer to process.

This issue is still being investigated by our R&D teams and a follow-up message will be delivered once it is resolved.

Impacted Systems:

[X] Production

[ ] Sandbox

[ ] No Imapct

Impacted Environments:

[X] BuyNow Pages

[X] Web Services (API)

[ ] SnapConsole

[ ] IPNs

[ ] Reports

[ ] Subscriptions

Time-frame: September 10, 2020 16:35 to PST - Still Ongoing.


In the recent hours we have noticed an increased number of transactions, that take longer than usual to process. We have confirmed that this is caused by a slow response time with a specific acquiring bank Transactions are still processed successfully - but shoppers may experience longer duration (10-30 seconds). The acquiring bank is aware of the issue and working on a resolution

9th September 2020

Support Tickets - Service Interruption

Our Technical Support systems are currently unavailable, due to technical issues on our provider's end (ZenDesk). We are closely tracking the status of this incident and until it is resolved.

In case you need any assistance, you can reach out to us using Phones and Live Chat.

There is no impact on any of the BlueSnap services.

Update - Our system is now available, we are handling tickets as usual.

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