23rd April 2020

Production: BuyNow Hosted Pages / Web Services (API) BlueSnap Incident Notification - April, 23rd, 2020 to - Increased number of processing errors - RESOLVED

Recently we have experienced a communication issue with one of our acquirers which resulted in processing failures on charge or refund operations.

The issue has been resolved and we are investigating the root cause

This issue is now resolved.

Impacted Systems:

[X] Production

[ ] Sandbox

[ ] No Imapct

Impacted Environments:

[X] BuyNow Pages

[X] Web Services (API)

[ ] SnapConsole

[ ] IPNs

[ ] Reports

[ ] Subscriptions

Time-frame: April, 23rd, 2020 1:30 PST - 2:50 PST


  • Our engineering department is currently in contact with the acquirer to clarify the root cause

  • Any failed charges will be routed to another acquiring banks when possible

  • Functionality has been restored across all processing channels

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