28th October 2018

BlueSnap Inceident Notification - October 28th to October 28th - Processing Service Interruptions - RESOLVED

Unfortunately, we experienced several transaction failures with one of our acquiring banks.

This issue is now resolved.

Impacted Systems:

[X] Production

[X] Sandbox

[ ] No Imapct

Impacted Environments:

[X] BuyNow Pages

[X] Web Services (API)

[ ] SnapConsole

[ ] IPNs

[ ] Reports

[X] Subscriptions

Time-frame: October 28th, 21:30 to 23:39 PST.


  • During the incident timeframe, we encountered transaction failures which impacted captures and refunds.
  • The failures appeared in a specific acquirer and resulted from communication interruptions of specific servers in our US Datacenter.
  • In the majority of cases - this incident had no impact on our services, thanks to the acquirer failover mechanism - failed captures failed over to a secondary bank.
  • Our Operations team redirected traffic to our UK Datacenter to isolate impacted environment to resolve routing - since this change, we see no further transaction failures.
  • We are still working with the acquirer's technical team to understand the root-cause and take actions to prevent this from happening in the future.

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