2nd July 2018

Production: BuyNow Hosted Pages / Web Services (API) BuyNow2 Service Interruption

We experienced sporadic service interruptions which lead to intermittent performance issues and possible failures in the hosted checkout pages (BuyNow2).

  • While reviewing our monitors we identified an increase in the number of 503 errors in our BuyNow2 pages
  • During this 10-minute timeframe, some shoppers may have noticed that the BuyNow page took longer than usual or failed to load
  • Our team identified the issue, removed the server causing the problem from the pool, which resolved the issue
  • We keep on monitoring our error logs to make sure that this issue does not recur
  • The root cause is still being researched by BlueSnap IT

Impact time/date: Monday July 2nd ~03:30 PST until ~03:40 PST

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