12th June 2018

Sandbox: BuyNow Hosted Pages / Web Services (API) Sandbox Service Interruption: Resolved

One of our acquiring banks experienced technical issues in their testing environment causing intermittent failures of test transactions in Sandbox. The issue is now resolved and all services are restored and stable. Please see below for further details:

Service notification type: [ ] Planned Maintenance [ ] Unplanned maintenance [X] Service interruption

Impacted systems: [ ] Production [X] Sandbox [ ] no impact

Impacted services: [X] BuyNow [X] Web Services [ ] SnapConsole [ ] IPNs [ ] Other

Impact time/date: Tuesday, June 12, 2018 03:10am PST until June 13, 2018 08:30am PST

Notes: During the incident date/time window, some test transactions in Sandbox failed. After further analysis, the issue was identified as having been caused by technical issues experienced by the acquiring bank.
BlueSnap’s Engineering team continues to monitor our logs to ensure the issue is fully resolved. Please contact Merchant Support with any questions related to this incident at Merchants@BlueSnap.com

Root Cause: The root cause is still under investigation by the acquiring bank.

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