31st May 2018

Test Authorization Failures - Sandbox - RESOLVED

One of our acquiring banks experienced technical issues in their testing environment. As a result, some test transactions in our Sandbox environment failed to be authorized in the recent day. This Sandbox issue is now resolved.

Service notification type: [ ] Planned Maintenance [ ] Unplanned maintenance [X] Service interruption

Impacted systems: [ ] Production [X] Sandbox [ ] no impact

Impacted services: [X] BuyNow [X] Web Services [ ] SnapConsole [ ] IPNs [ ] Other

Notes: One of our acquiring partners was experiencing technical issues in their test region, resulting in card transaction failure in our Sandbox environment We encourage you to re-run transaction tests, which may ended in failure in the recent 24 hours.

Impact date/time: May 31, 2018 01:57 PST – 07:15 PST

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